viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

A Cold Rainy Evening in Santiago, Chile.

A cold rainy evening in Santiago,
while you are probably having dinner
al fresco in New York.

My grandson Alejandro carries
a name too big for a child.
I am sad but I am not,
contradictory love.

My son Mantoy,
listens to his last songs
with me at home.
We also listen with respect
to Amy Winehouse.
Not for her death,
but for her life.

He thinks that now
I am writting in an english
that I don't command,
because I don't want my feelings
to be understand.
He may be right.
But if he was not?

Life is not short.
Every second counts.
In any given second,
all the happiness
and all the pain
one can feel,
may be felt.

Any burden is long.
Happy moments, short.
It doesn't matter.
They can all be recalled.

Time is always gone.

What counts is now.
Not for doing things,
or acomplish goals.
Just to be retained
by what happens 
outside the self.

In those marvelous seconds,
when the self is forgotten,
watching a movie,
reading a poem,
or sharing a moment,
the self finally forgotten,
one is like God.

Because, as Dali says:
One doesn’t need anything or anyone,
doesn’t know where one comes from,
or where one goes.
One is not doing but being.
And being plenty what one is,
for good,
is being happy,
I guess……