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Beauty Is in The Eye of The Beholder.

Subject: Visit to Geometricas
From: Avisheh M
Date: Mon, January 9, 2012 8:47 pm
To: ""

Dear German,

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience you gave me and my friends by your amazing design of the Geometricas thermal springs in Pucon, Chile.

We hiked in the Torres del Paine park, climbed the Villarica volcano, and saw some of the most breathtaking natural beauties in our entire life (Lago Grey Glacier, Torres Del Pain, Los Cuernos, and the rest of your beautiful country), but I have to say that the 3 hours we spent in Geometricas, laying in those baths, or just walking around and discovering the valley, and the pools, and waterfalls, are equal to those experiences.

The labyrinth of red organic wood, maneuvering through this green and gray valley, with the sound of waterfalls, the birds, the beauty of the red and purple flowers, and the other vegetation, is remarkable. Your use of material, the simplicity and subtlety and the respect for the nature where they all come together, so seamlessly and organically is truly inspiring.

Bravo to an amazing work of art, architecture, design, and creating the best experience!

Looking forward to seeing and experiencing more of your work.

(from Iran, lives in the US)

Dear Avisheh,
It is very kind from you to say that. Thank you.
But beauty is
in the eye
of the beholder.
Ortega y Gasset an spanish poet,
says that landscape is like a pic-nic,
you enjoy what you carry with you.
Beauty is a reflection of an inside.

Germán del Sol
24 de Enero de 2012


Blogger P~YP! said...

I am interested in Ortega y Gasset's view of landscape as a picnic. Can you please give me a reference of this? My email address is: Kind regards, Alwyn

11:42 p.m.  

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