lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

To Continue Being Humans.

I think that human survival is not at risk,
as many environmentalists say.

What is really at risk now,
is for us to continue being humans.

That is to say, to keep doing some things,
just for the pleasure of doing them.
To keep being the artists humans have to be
in order to live a fruitful life,
and spect more than only to survive.

Art happens if much more is done,
than what seems necessary.
And if nothing is asked in return.

Art is a gift that makes present to every one,
its own splendor.

Art is about doing a seemingly useless effort.
Doing things for free,
is the most proper
of the human conditions.

In spite all my enthusiasm for your invitation
to promote in our remote cultures
the pleasure to transcend the everyday task of survival,
and make art happen,
I am trapped by it.

I know the music but don’t know the words.
I do not know how to free myself from it,
and have two or three weeks free
to join you and your wonderful company
in New Zealand, the first week of March, 2012.

Best regards,