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Entrevista de Alexander Ostrogorsky, Rusia.

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Good day, Alexander

Thank you for providing your readers with a view of the state of the art of architecture in our country. I will try to answer your interesting questions:

1. As far as we can see, architecture in Chili is going through its best times, and Chili seems to be the best place for modern architecture of all of Latin American countries. Is this view right?

What does Germán del Sol think is the state of architecture at your country now?

If being modern is not to strike always for innovation, but to look also back to the origins of architecture, then Chile is not the best place for modern architecture.

Of all of Latin American countries, we have been the first in the last 25 years to loose contact with our rich dearest traditions. (Brazil and Argentina did so in the fifties).

I never praise poverty; it would be cruel or cynical. But for mysterious reasons, when cultures use to built houses with more wit than means, beauty abounds. Ugliness is the lack of beauty; the lack of gratuity behind most of today’s real state developments.

2. Architecture is not only about creative people, but this art also needs proper economical environment, and open-minded customers - individuals as well as governmental. How does the situation in Chili look like from Germán del Sol point of view?

Architecture is a poetic quality given to buildings, to transcend construction.
It is an inner being given to buildings by men and women, to reflect the splendor of the human condition. Even in its miseries.

Good architecture has nothing to do with good economical environment or open minded customers. On the contrary, Chinese architecture based on fast economic prosperity not followed up by culture, and very open minded even childish clients, seems to me one of the poorest one today.

3. What does Germán del Sol think of architectural education at Chili?
Does it fit the needs of the today practice? How much does he think European/USA education can contribute to the situation?

I do not how to train Architects properly. But it seems more important to me that students learn first how to think in abstract terms through mathematics or calculus, than to make them start soon to project buildings. Because all conditions will change, and architects in order to lead the process, have to find each time first hand, what mean good houses, streets and squares for the people, and only later make them come true in proper projects. Good ideas come first. Good houses are the consequences of right thoughts.

European, USA education can of course contribute to improve education. Some times one has to take a fruitful distance from one’s reality not to change it, but to look it with new eyes and discover new things in the same old ones.

4. Give us, please, some information about the studio:
- how old is Germán del Sol, and when did he establish the practice?
I am 59 years old. I established my practice as soon as I finished School in Barcelona.

- Where did he get his architectural education?
 I studied 3 years at the Chilean Catholic University, and 4 years at the University of Barcelona, Spain, where I got my degree in July 1973.

- How large is the studio, how many people work in it?
Our studio is very small in order for me to be involved in all the projects, and work patiently, to have time to try and fail, until a certain depth in the project is reached. Success is made 99% of failures.

- What was Germán del Sol most interesting, complicated, challenging project?
The next one in Moscow.

and, the last one, to make the story more human -
what is Germán del Sol favorite Chilean dish?

Smash potatoes with two fried Mapuche hen eggs.

Kind regards,
Alexander Ostrogorsky